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One Cat Viewer Free 5.0
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File Size: 3.2 Mb

One Cat Viewer Free 5.0

Publisher:One Man And A Cat So ftware
Platform:Vista, Windows, Mobile
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

One Cat Viewer Free - The classic freeware image viewer reborn. Sleek, completely redesigned thumbnail viewer with support for slide shows, full screen viewing, video, image conversion, printing, and more. Version 5.0 adds video, multiple thumbnail layouts, powerful image enhancement tools, more formats (such as Adobe Photoshop), and a new redesigned image cache provides the ability to quickly change between thumbnail sizes so you can "zoom" in and out on your directory to find the image you are looking for.

Besides your basic rotations and flips, a whole array of single click image enhancements are available. All can be applied to the entire image or to the area of the image you select with the selection tools, so you can zero in on the problem. For power users, an advanced enhancements tool is available with histogram controls, custom filters, and more.

Another nice new feature of version 5 is the ability to change the layout of the viewer using the thumbnail layout dropdown.

Due to popular demand, video capability is back in One Cat Viewer. One Cat Viewer taps the power of Microsoft's Windows Media Player engine to display video right along with your images. Video will even play along with your slide shows! Thumbnails will show up right along with your images.

If you have way too many images, One Cat Viewer be placed in a sampling mode, which chooses a small number of images distributed throughout each directory and only shows those thumbnails. Its easy to turn off and on and is indespensible in searching through large image collections quickly, getting a solid idea of what is in each directory without having to scroll through them. This is one addictive feature you will not know how you did without!

Need to convert an image into another format? One Cat Viewer can handle that. Images can be saved in the JPEG, GIF, PNG, and more. You can also resize its dimensions.

List of Changes:

Version 5.0 from 2009-03-03

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Version 4.1 from 2006-06-01

Version 4.10. 1. Sample Mode allows display of a distributed sample of thumbnails per directory. 2. Transition effects to spice up full screen slide shows. 3. Option for one click full screen shows added. 4. Multi-level Undo/Redo for many operations. .


The classic freeware image viewer reborn!

Download Now
File Size: 3.2 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Bdfoto 2010-07-21 04:05:38 #
Version: 5.0

Doesn't handle JP2 file format - my preferred archive format, otherwise looks a good program. Possibly give it another try later

Cliff Eagle 2009-06-01 23:25:06 #
Version: 5.0

The One Cat Viewer fulfilled the function I downloaded it for without any problems, that is, to view Photoshop images and to save them as smaller jpg files. No problems downloading or using.

Joel 2009-05-20 10:27:05 #
Version: 5.0

A very good software, really easy to use and intuitive.

Carolthomas422 2009-04-16 04:54:20 #
Version: 5.0

Worked well for what I needed, no problems.

Kurt86 2009-04-06 07:35:53 #
Version: 5.0

It works fine...even under Vista and the new intel Processor i7....

Stuart 2009-04-03 19:45:53 #
Version: 5.0

The software promo says it would open .dgn files however when tried it said it did not recognise the format.


John 2009-03-01 12:56:18 #
Version: 4.1

Doesn`t want to read any CAD files

I can't get it to read any CAD files. JPG and TIFF files work fine.

Getten 2009-02-26 13:08:45 #
Version: 4.1

Nice viewer

Easy navigation, fast thumbnail display; very good for people in need to manage thousands of images; could have image editing functions

Stephenor 2009-02-25 10:35:46 #
Version: 4.1

Zero performance

I downloaded and installed this software to view image documents. It seems the installation must have failed. No documents were visible using One Cat Viewer. I got rid of it and have since installed something else.

Vintona 2009-02-24 20:53:36 #
Version: 4.1

Didn`t work

Either I can't understand how to open the file or it won't open it.
Not user friendly.
Did not do what I wanted it to do.

Terry 2009-02-18 08:32:16 #
Version: 4.1


For reasons unknown at thi stime, my free download has failed to open .step files. I am trying to work it out, but fo rthe moment this One Cat viewer has not worked for me.

Christy.atkinson 2009-02-13 17:28:22 #
Version: 4.1

one cat

It wasn't want it said it was. Or wasn't user friendly enough for me to find out.

Danny.sloop 2009-02-06 09:21:02 #
Version: 4.1

One Cat Viewer Free

The software was downloading thinking it would open a .vsd file which it would not. but I do like the way it handles other image files.

Old-Navy 2008-12-19 19:58:58 #
Version: 4.1

Didn`t open .wb1 files

I downloaded One Cat Viewer on the understanding that it would open .wb1 files. It doesn't, I need something that will.

Footmdrph 2008-12-01 06:30:47 #
Version: 4.1

great, but you need a mac version too

I appreciate the program. It works great on windows, but would appreciate it even more if you can make a mac version available. I am in the process of converting my office to all mac as they are a far more stable system. I still have access to windows on my mac since 1-2
programs still require only windows.

Thank you very much,

Steve D.

Force 2008-11-05 15:19:17 #
Version: 4.1

One Cat Viewer

I think the program was great but, it didn't do what I needed it to do. I was looking for a .pln viewer thru a Google search and your program appeared. Sorry about that.

Mhart 2008-10-27 07:07:48 #
Version: 4.1

Tried to open a PLN file

It would NOT open a PLN file. It just came up and did nothing.

Lmcgrady 2008-10-24 10:47:31 #
Version: 4.1

Doesn`t meet our needs

Although the product worked fine, we are looking for freeware to be used in a commercial setting.

Bruce 2008-10-05 01:51:11 #
Version: 4.1

static images only

This viewer does not do what I needed, which is view AVI files. It seems like it views static (non moving) images only. The surrounding text and stuff on the download page seemed to imply differently.

Tulsa8144 2008-09-27 01:36:16 #
Version: 4.1

One Cat Viewer Free

It worked fine. I just needed an application to view images on an old Win 98 pc. I would have preferred something that would allow me to open numerous files at once such a Win Fax and Pic Viewer, but this does work.

Carl.axel.nordstrom 2008-09-17 07:54:37 #
Version: 4.1

Plt viewer

I did search for an plt viewer. It was not clearly stated that "one cat viewer" were only intended for pictures!
I have uninstalled your viewer, since it didn't satisfy my requirement.

Bpc 2008-08-26 07:39:13 #
Version: 4.1

odt viewer

Thank you! I was trying to open a file ith an "odt" extention and you viewer workeed just fine. Thanks once again. Brian

Mail 2008-08-20 02:32:36 #
Version: 4.1


I downloaded One Cap Viewer because on googling a group said it could open this sort of file. It did not. I was impressed with the speed with which it did open other photos and scans on my hard discs and found one I did not know I had so I shall be experimenting with it and comment properly in due course. Best wishes Chris George

Lin_yong126 2008-08-07 08:05:10 #
Version: 4.1

i like it

it's free.I like it . I will recommend it to others.

Greg.fitch 2008-07-24 18:19:06 #
Version: 4.1

Did not open protel S01 files

I downloaded the viewer because I wanted to view a Protel S01 file. I was unable to achieve this either as a result of me not knowing how to do it or the product is not suitable for the task.

Otherwise the product looked good.

Pusch 2008-05-28 01:55:53 #
Version: 4.1

DCM files not supported.

I downloaded One Cat Viewer because I found it searching with "DCM tiff" and other keywords but had to find out that DCM files are not supported.

SqlEngineer 2008-04-30 11:52:37 #
Version: 4.1

No VSD support

The reason I purchased One Cat Viewer was because the web site claimed that it could read and display Visio files.

It turns out it can't. So I cannot use it.

aspro 2008-04-22 21:07:09 #
Version: 4.1

Download error 110.

Unable to unzip file. Error 110.

jlo 2008-03-01 03:34:12 #
Version: 4.1

One cat viewer.

The program feels easy to use.
If I was to wish for an added feature it would it would be a 2 -3 step function for reducing picture size to web quality.

Tim C 2007-09-19 18:31:23 #
Version: 4.1

Not yet ready for *.dgn

The viewer works well for a range of file formats, however I downloaded it to see if it would help me view *.dgn files - which it didn't.

Download Now
File Size: 3.2 Mb